What is the purpose of high school swimming and why you need to know

​High School Swimming is more than just showing up to practice and going to a few meets.

​Why do you want to compete in high school swimming? Here are the reasons that most swimmers give…

  • ​It’s fun
  • My friends do it and I want to hang out with them
  • I want to get in shape
  • I want to get out of PE
  • Looking for a full ride to college

​Those reasons are fine but there is so much more you can get out of swimming in high school. High school swimming is a great sport for many reasons.

  • ​It’s a no-cut sport. For most schools you don’t have to already have been a great swimmer. Most swim teams can take 18 athletes and usually, they won’t that many. This gives you an opportunity to compete on a sports team that you might no be able to do if it was basketball or volleyball.
  • Swimming is a sport that you can do throughout your life. You can do it recreationally, competitively and leisurely.
  • ​From swimming there are tons of other activities which you can do; water polo, ​snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and even scuba diving.
  • The discipline of swimming will help you in school, college and life. You will be able to carry the focus, grit and determination of swimming into all aspects of your life. You learn about setting goals and how to accomplish them.

​But if you go out for the swim team, you should know what the big picture is. You should have some idea of how to swim physically; you should also know about the finer details and what I think are the most important ones about the sport.

​Here are my top five purposes for going out for your high school swim team:

​Swimming in High School Purpose #1

​Learn the very valuable skill of goal setting. Goal setting for swimmers is not just saying, “I want to get faster.” Goal setting is about making S.M.A.R.T. g0als (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timely). They are about learning how to set rewards and sacrifices to accomplish those goals.

Swimming in High School Purpose #2

​Swimming is a sport where the last meet of the season is the Superbowl. You work hard for the season and then at the end you race in the championship meet. All season long you focus on this one meet and probably only a few events. It’s an all or nothing meet. You swim fast or you can be heartbroken that you didn’t swim fast. It’s a harsh reality but that’s what makes it a great sport.

​Swimming in High School Purpose #3

​All sports require a great deal of work, time and self-discipline. It’s not easy to go to practice in the rain, when you have a test on the next day, or when you’re tired from staying up late. Swimming is particularly difficult because much if it is individual.

The ability to focus and sacrifice is why many swimmers go on to excel in college and in business.

​Swimming in High School Purpose #4

​The physical, tactical and social aspects of swimming help your body grow and develop. Being an athlete is good not just for your body but for your brain as well. When your body works out and learns, so does your brain.

​Swimming in High School Purpose #5

​It’s fun! Sometimes you just gotta have fun. It’s fun to learn, improve and compete. Whatever level of swimmer you are from beginner to State qualifier, being on the swim team is fun.


​There’s a lot of reasons to swim in high school. You should know what your purpose of swimming is so that you can get the most out of it.

​Knowing your purpose will help you be determined and get the most out of the swim team that you possibly can. Swim fast and work hard!

Ron Usher

I help swimmer have fun, improve, get fast and learn about the great sport of swimming. I've always loved coaching the swimmers who weren't as talented or world class fast but they loved the sport and they wanted to learn and improve. I want you to benefit from my coaching and training.

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