Each day you will choose a type of music to dance to.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

50’s Rock and Roll:

Get your swing on!

Latin Style:

Salsa, Rhumba, Cha cha! Take a trip to South America!

Ballroom Dance:

Dance the night away!


Make your own Bollywood movie


Perfect for Halloween…or any time!

Hip Hop


Any one of these dances can be done hand-over-hand, in a wheelchair, free form, etc.

Experiment and have fun.

Some movements to try are:

  • Forward/Back
  • Quarter turn to the side
  • Clap hands to the beat
  • 180 Swing around
  • Move head and arms to the beat

There are many challenges you can do.

  • Wear a costume, special clothes, or a hat. Get into the spirit of it!
  • Bring the family. Get everyone involved to dance together
  • Be your own flash mob. Start dancing out in public.
  • Choose your own music: Find different types on Youtube.
  • Be a video star: Make a video and send it to the teacher…and the grand parents

Remember the most important part is to have fun!

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