Video can be a great way to improve your technique and to learn to swim.

Most phones take good enough videos for us to get a lot of information about what you’re doing correctly…and need improvement. (That’s the polite way of saying…wrong.)

You could have a friend video you with one take from the side, and one take from the front.

You should have at least one of the takes be 25 yards. This allows us to count strokes which tells a lot about your efficiency.

An underwater view would be nice but isn’t necessary.

Once you have the video, you’ll email it to me. Within 24 hours, you’ll have a detailed analysis of your stroke.

Even better, you’ll have what drills to do to correct your stroke.

And after practicing the swimming drills and skills for 5 days send me another video clip and we can see how much you’ve improved.

Along with another page of instruction on what to do.

That’s two sessions for the price of one!

Video analysis is fairly inexpensive.

This is because I’m curious to see how it works as a business idea.

So for the first ten to respond, I’m offering it for only $20. After the first ten the price will go up to $40.

I think it’s a great deal. And if after you get your analysis back and aren’t 1000% happy, I’ll refund your money.

It’s guaranteed.

To get started contact me and tell me about yourself and what your swim problems are.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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