Swimming for triathlees

Thinking of doing a triathlon...and need to improve your swimming?

Triathlons are a great event. They can be a goal event…a way to challenge yourself to get in shape.

For most beginning triathletes, swimming is the most challenging. The running part they can survive. The bike portion is fairly easy.

But the swimming portion is intimidating and scary.

It doesn’t have to be.

But just swimming in a pool is probably not going to give you the confidence and experience you need to have a successful event.

Let’s look at what you need to be able to do.

The first event most triathletes do is a Sprint Triathlon. The average distance for a sprint swim is 400 to 500 yards. This is not that great of a challenging distance. A beginning swimmer can swim 100 yards in two to three minutes. So at the most, you only have to swim for 15 minutes.

Now, that may seem super long, but it’s really not. You can get the endurance at the pool.

But dealing with the deep and dark water can be unsettling.

Another problem is that the start of many triathlons is crowded and frenzied.

You have to be a strong swimmer to handle getting pushed, pulled, bumped and hit.

Finally, you have to be able site your way for directions. The visibility underwater is typically murky and dark. You have to lift your head up to find the beacons and make your turns.

Add to that, you don’t have the line at the middle of the lane. Staying on course is much more difficult.

Longer triathlons have swims that take place in the ocean.

Here, you have many of the same issues as the sprints. But add to that…

1. The ocean is colder
2. The swim is further
3. You have waves which create a much more challenging swim

For you as a

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