A Beginners Guide to Swimming Butterfly

A Beginners Guide to Swimming Butterfly

Everybody loves to watch butterfly. It’s fast, powerful and looks way cool.

a strong catch is critical for improving your swim power

But being able to swim butterfly and swim it well is difficult.

This guide will not get you into the Michael Phelps category but it will get you on the path.

When learning butterfly the first thing to work on is the kick.

The dolphin kick is similar to flutter kick but with one major difference; you kick with your whole body.

The dolphin kick starts from the top of the ribs; just below the shoulders. It works its way down the spine to the hips and legs. Then it finishes at the feet.

Getting the right amount of effort from the upper body takes core strength and flexibility. That’s why Master’s swimmers may have a difficult time with it. They have the strength but the flexibility might be gone.

There are a ton of drills and modalities to use to practice the dolphin kick. Here are my top 8 drills to improve your dolphin kick.

Top 8 Dolphin Kick Drills

Dolphin Kick Drill #1: Standing One Leg Dolphin Kick

You’re going to do this drill standing up. Practice it on land first, and then take it to the water.

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