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Beginning swimmer

Beginning Swimmers

You’re a non-swimmer or you can swim, but don’t feel confident in the water.
The teenage swim instructors at the Y don’t really help you.
Swimming is the perfect exercise for you, but you run out of breath after a few seconds in the water.

If this sounds like you, click the link below to get started on a life changing course. The sooner you take action,the quicker you’ll be enjoying the water!


  • You can swim but want to swim faster, better, easier.
    You want to have better workouts, swim in triathlons, learn new strokes. You’re looking for coaching but don’t want the commitment of a Masters team.

Swimming is great exercise but it can be very difficult to improve. The great thing is that anyone can improve. Whatever your ability or age, there’s a whole world open for you in the water.  Click the link to start swimming faster now!

Who Is Coach Ron Usher?

image of Coach Ron Usher

I specialize in teaching and coaching beginning and intermediate swimmers.

If you’re afraid of the water and always wanted to learn how to swim then I might be the perfect coach for you.

If you’re a beginning or intermediate swimmer looking to improve your skills; swim faster, easier and faster than I might be the perfect coach for you.

Have any questions? Not sure where to start? Contact me and lets see how we can take your swimming to the next level!

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