You Gotta Get Pushed to Swim Faster

How do you push yourself to swim faster

The other day, I was coaching and teaching a lesson at the same time.

The coaching group was two eight year old boys who have been swimming for a while. They swim under 50 seconds for a fifty yard swim.

The lesson was an 8 year old boy who just started competitive lessons. He is around two minutes for a fifty yard swim…if he could make it.

All the kids are good kids. They work hard, pay attention and want to improve.

At the end of the lesson, I moved the lesson into the lane with the two boys. We did some sprint 25s.

I was amazed at how much faster my lesson student swam. He put more effort into his swim. He kicked harder, pulled harder and had more fun.

I learned two things from this. Or at least re-remembered two things.

First, that kids do better in groups. Swimming is a team sport and you can’t be a team of one.

Second, and this is where it applies to you…What do you do to get pushed to go faster?

What do you do to get pushed to train harder?

What do you do to get pushed to get into the pool?

We all need coaches, teammates, and goals.

If you’re swimming by yourself, find someone who can push you.

If you can’t, send me an message and let’s see if I can help you.

Ron Usher

I help swimmer have fun, improve, get fast and learn about the great sport of swimming. I've always loved coaching the swimmers who weren't as talented or world class fast but they loved the sport and they wanted to learn and improve. I want you to benefit from my coaching and training.

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