The Easiest Way to Swim Faster

image of swimmer with great strealine

What’s the easiest way to get faster?

Quick answer…improve your streamlines.

The fastest you will every go in the water is when you’re in the air on your dive. The second fastest is when you push off the wall.

You want to get the most you can from the push and maintain that speed for as long as possible.

You want to have awesome streamlines.

Here’s a couple of tips to give you great streamlines.

  1. The top hand thumb MUST wrap around the bottom hand.
  2. The hands line up flat…exactly on top of each other. Even the wrists should cross.
  3. It takes strength to hold a streamline…and flexibility. You have to practice on land.
  4. Use a mirror to observe your streamline. Head forward, remove the spaces between your arms and ears.
  5. Roll your elbows inward which will help tight up the streamline and make you slither through the water.
  6. You have to be able to get to the streamline position quickly. Keep your hands close together so they don’t have as far to travel.
  7. You have to be able to get to the streamline position from a variety of positions; dive, open turn, flip turn, side, stomach, and back. Practice them all.
  8. Every time you start a set, have a great streamline. Go underwater before you push off.
  9. Usually, the top hand is your stronger hand. Practice both ways
  10. A good streamline will get you out past the flags without any effort at all.
  11. There’s more to a great streamline than just the arms and hands. Your core and legs are critical too.

Streamlines can be worked on an practiced in the water and on land. It’s easy to sneak them in during the day.

Before you brush your teeth, do a few streamlines in mirror.

Do sit-ups with a streamline.

The difference between a great streamline and a poor streamline in a 100 free is as much as 6 to 8 seconds.

That’s a lot of time to save!

Ron Usher

I help swimmer have fun, improve, get fast and learn about the great sport of swimming. I've always loved coaching the swimmers who weren't as talented or world class fast but they loved the sport and they wanted to learn and improve. I want you to benefit from my coaching and training.

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