Your kids are beginning swimmers too. And teaching your own kids is tough.

I know. I’m a great swim instructor but have found working with my own two boys very difficult. They are grown now, so it is too late for me.

Teaching your own kids to swim is your choice. And there’s lots of good reasons to do it.

  • You’re on vacation and this is the perfect opportunity.
  • There aren’t any swim programs near you.
  • Your kids have special needs and unique abilities.
  • You play with your kids in the pool and want to have some productive time.

My recommendation is that your first choice for teaching your kids to swim is to find a good swim teacher and program that you like.

But if that isn’t possible, I’ve got a great program to teach you how to work with your children to make them good swimmers and have a great time while you do it.

” The most important skill in teaching kids to swim is to make sure they have fund.” Coach Ron Usher

To get you started on teaching your kids to swim, I’ve got a free program for you. The link for it is at the bottom of the article.

But first, I’d like to show you what areas you should be working on with your kids.

Kids Swim Lesson Skill#1: They have to relax.

How to teach your child to swim

The first step is to make sure they are relaxed. This means take things slow. Progress at their speed. Not yours.

If your child appears fearful or tight then it’s time to take a few steps back or move on to another skill.

Kids Swim Lesson Skill #2: Work On Breathing

Kids need breathe to swim

Breathing is a skill that should be worked on throughout your lessons (or play time as I like to call them).

Always come back to breathing practice.

The breathing swimming goal is to do 10 consecutive perfect breaths. A perfect breath is one exhale under water and one inhale above the water.

If they take two breaths above the water than it isn’t counted.

Swim Lesson Skill #3: Go Underwater

image of baby floating underwater

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