​Learn the top training techniques the best swimmers use to swim fast at meets!


5 Simple Steps to...

Swim fast during Swim Competition

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    Revealed: ​The one area that is critical to successful meets yet is almost never taught by swim coaches.
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    Get the ​Technique Hacks that will turn ​you into a powerful and strong swimmer.
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    ​Discover how you can take any swim practice and turn it into your own custom SPEED WORKOUT!

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​High School and Masters Swimmer: You deserve to know how to compete and race.

​Too many coaches think that just giving you a lot of yardage and making you go hard will get you fast.

They are wrong!

​I'm Coach Ron Usher and it drives me crazy to see swimmers working their tails off and not improving. 

​If you want to swim fast in a meet, you have to train for that meet in practice. If you are not training to swim fast in a meet, then you need to get this free report!

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