How I Approach Teaching Swimming and Why I’m a Great Swim Teacher

How I Approach Teaching Swimming and Why I’m a Great Swim Teacher

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I’m a great swim teacher. No brag…just fact.

Now, I have lots of faults as a swim coach. I don’ have what it takes to be an elite, high level swim coach.

I’ll tell you more about that in a later post.

I’ve seen some teachers that are as good…and some that are better with certain groups. For instance, I’m not good with babies are really young kids.

Babies, I don’t have the knowledge and experience. Young kids…think under 4…I don’t have the patience for. I used to, but not anymore.

But between the ages of 5 and 95 you’re going to have a hard time finding someone better.

Why am I so good, you ask?

Let me explain in my top nine reasons I’m a great swim teacher…

Top Nine Reasons I’m a Great Swim Teacher

Swim Coach Reason #1: I have lots of swim tools in my belt.

I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve seen almost every type of swimmer and problem they my bring.

And if I haven’t seen it, its probably like another problem that I have seen.

Swim Coach Reason #2: I’ve coached and taught at a lot of different swimming levels.

I’ve taught non-swimmers, beginners, high school kids and adults. I’ve taught people who are petrified of learning to swim…and elite, national and world class athletes.

I know what it takes to overcome your fear of the water…and what it takes to become very very fast.

Swim Coach Reason #3: I’m a very patient person…at least with swimming.

I don’t know why, but I am. I don’t get frustrated about swimming or lose my temper. I think always think there’s a reason for a problem…which means there’s got to be a solution to the problem.

While this trait holds true for most things, it doesn’t hold true for all.

For instance, if there’s a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of me, I don’t have the patience to not eat every single one them.

Quickly and completely.

Swim Coach Reason #4: I think like a surgeon. I want to solve the swim problem easily and as quickly as possible.

If there’s a swim stroke problem, I want to solve it quickly. I want to come up with the best solution with the least amount of steps.

I don’t believe that its going to take five years and 50,000 miles of swimming.

Most problems can be solved fairly quickly.

Of course, then you have to work on maintaining the solution.

But that’s another story.

Swim Coach Reason #5: I like people

I like people. I want them to succeed. I want them to have fun doing it.

I don’t think every teacher or swim coach really does like people.

I think they get cranky. Cranky coaches don’t make good teachers.

“Cranky Coaches Don’t Make Good Teachers”

Coach Ron Usher

Swim Coach Reason #6: I want to help people learn to swim. Especially, disadvantaged and minorities.

Let’s be honest; swimming tends to be a rich persons sport. You need a pool or at least warm body of water and a team. And swim lessons are expensive.

A lot of the world (and the United States) never got the opportunities to learn to swim.

Swim Coach Reason #7: I think about progressions all the time.

I’ve been thinking about swim progressions a long time. I’ve got a few thousand of them in my pocket to whip out whenever I want.

Swim progressions are different skills and drills that take you from where you are…to where you want to me.

They are one of the keys to being a good teacher and swim coach.

The other key is knowing about modalities…

Swim Coach Reason #8: I use modalities in teaching swimming and coaching.

Modalities are doing the same skill but in a slightly different way.

Modalities reinforce the skills needed to be practiced, yet keep it fresh and new.

Like progressions, I’ve got a thousand of them.

Swim Coach Reason #9: I’m fun and kinda funny (funny haha, not peculiar).

If you want to learn to swim and you’re afraid having your teacher have a sense of humor goes a long way to making swimming less scary and intimidating.

If you’re trying to get faster then having a swim coach who can encourage you and keep you engaged is much better than one who yells at you.

And if you’re trying to get fit and need motivation, a positive funny coach is much better than one who intimidates you…or is indifferent.

So there you have it. My top nine reasons I’m a great swim teacher.

Want me to help? Send me a message and let me know I’m loved. Or wanted.

Or what you need in the world of swimming.

Ron Usher

I help swimmer have fun, improve, get fast and learn about the great sport of swimming. I've always loved coaching the swimmers who weren't as talented or world class fast but they loved the sport and they wanted to learn and improve. I want you to benefit from my coaching and training.

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