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Okay….Now, all I have to do is get the results from the previous meet (Lincoln) and I’ll be up to date.

This meet went much better than our first one. We are getting the hang of it…!

The team did an awesome job of setting up and getting ready

Jimena was amazing as the desk.

I had an assistant who could write splits. I was able to watch the meet and actually observe most of the swims. I even got to do a little bit of coaching

Here are the splits that I have…not the official times but close enough. I missed the 200 Medley Relay and the 200 Free splits (they are on the official score card) so we start off with the 100 IM. See the summary of the swimming portion at the end.

100 IM
Keenia: 1:47.84
Vivian 1:30.90
Comments: I thought both of you did well. Keenia, that’s a big jump for you from where you started last year. I’m very proud of the work you’ve put in and the improvement you made. Vivian…pretty good considering three days of swimming!

200 IM
Sydney 41.5 1:27.5 2:21.3 3:04.11
Madison 31.4 1.10.0 1:49.9 2:24.6
Parsa 39.0 1:30.6 2:29.8 3:13.4
Ashton 33.9 1:13.5 1:39.7 2:36.2
Henry 33.9 1:12.2 1:38.5 2:33.3
Comments: A tough event coming right after the Medley. Sydney, probably the closes race we had at the meet. Not an event you’ve really trained for, yet you did an admirable job. Madison, you’ll know more about your splits than I. The last 50 free was about a 34.7. I think it shows some lack of conditioning which is completely appropriate.
Parsa, I liked your attitude. Fearless and just enjoying the competition.
Henry and Ashton….great race. I thought both of you had very good meets. With more time and training this could be your best event.

50 Free
Camila P 48.69
Honeyrose 42.89 (wow!)
Natalia 34.6
Giselle 37.0
Camila Q 35.8
Isac 26.5
Adam 26.5
Comments: Good time improvements for most of you. Isac and Adam, I think you guys are faster than that.

50 Fly/100 Fly
Zoe 46.49
Natalia 42.5 1:33.55
Kyle 35.0 1:19.4
Nihom 43.0 1:37.4
Ashton 34.6 1:12.9
Comments: Zoe, as fast as your free was a few weeks ago. Natalia, very nice swim and good 2nd 50. Kyle, 1st 50 was great. 2nd not so much. Nihom, the stroke correction you need is to keep your arms straight and low on the recovery. Your recovery is high and bent. Think about swimming underwater instead of being on top of the water. Ashton, great swim. Have a little bit more snap at the end of your pull and you could go a 1:09. (almost beating my best. Yes, that is a challenge)

100 Freestyle
Camilla 52.55 1:50.9
Adam 1:02.8
Nathan 59.9
Comments: Camila, that’s a good swim and a good time. Seems like you drop about 5 seconds every time you swim it. Adam and Nathan, those are not good times and they weren’t good swims. I’m not sure what happened. Do you know?

500 Free
Isac 32,8 1:08.5 2:27.8 (1:19.3) (1:22.7) 1:21.6 1:17.0 6:29.1
Comment: Not a great swim. Maybe you need a race. Maybe you need a better warm-up. More conditioning…I’m not sure.

200 Free Relay
Camila 37.9
Giselle 37.8
Natalia 38.3
Dea 29.8
I’m amazed I got these. My math is probably off but it’s pretty close.

Steven 31.1
Parsa 33.8 (DQ: False start)
Nihome 33.4
Ashton 29.7
You guys looked a little tired. Keep working on swimming fast and relaxed. I think you guys are trying too hard and tightening up. Ashton, I thought you swam very well

100 Backstroke
Honeyrose 51.5 1:49.0
Zoe 52.5 1:50.9
Sydney 42.1 1:26.8
Henry 34.5 1:11.5
Comment: JV girls great job. Legal swims and good effort. Sydney, I think you can get the first 50 faster. Good splits. Henry, very good race. I think you should do more underwater kicks.

100 Breast
Keenia 52.6 1:54.89
Vivian 44.0 1:37.5
Keenia, great job with the turns, pull downs and wakawakas. Vivian, I should have encouraged you to be more Stoic before the race. You just need more time in the water.

Giselle, 45.9 1:39.9
Dea 45.0 1:31.1
Madison 34.5 1:13.6
Giselle, thats a much better swim., stroke, turns, etc. Dea, I’d love to see you go under 1:30. Madison, good even splits. Obviously, not the cut time. Ask me about Thinking Caps.

Steven 39.2 1:27.4
Parsa 46.5 1:39.9
Steven, very very good swim. Parsa, I think you DQ’d on the turns. That’s on me for not teaching you. Like the fly, you want to be underwater and gliding more so you can use your kick.

400 Free Relay
Adam 1:02.8
Isac 1:00.3
Henry 1:03.3
Nathan 57.7
Comments: Goal times: Adam 57.5 Isac 55.5 Henry 58.8 Nathan 55.6

Meet Summary

Overall, our swimming is inconsistent. Some swims good…some times good…some not so good.

There is a concept called “PROTECT YOUR SWIM”. It is an important skill to develop…and difficult to perform during these quick meets and when you guys are a pretty close team (something I love). However, I know we can do better.

This is how you PROTECT YOUR SWIM….
1. Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated.
2. Stay off your feet and in the shade.
3. Warm-up before your event, swim down after your event (this is on me since I haven’t taught it)

Basically, you seem to enjoy getting a sun tan and hanging out and chatting. This is awesome it’s just not how you can swim your fastest.

I will get the Lincoln events up this weekend and have more information on our last meet and the conclusion of our 2021 Del Mar Swim Season.


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