Spring Carnival provides perfect opportunity for a day of family fun |  Campus Community School Dover Delaware

Summer is winding down and now is a great time to take a break and go to a carnival. There are tons and tons of great activities to do!

Monday: Ride a roller coaster! For this video, you will be behind your child. They may sit in your lap, a chair, the floor or even stay in their wheelchair.

You will be behind them, following the action of the video. Be sure to raise your arms and scream when you go down.

This video shows you how to do it.

There’s lots and lots of famous roller coasters. Here are a few of them:

Colossus at Magic Mountain

Animal Kingdom Disney world

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures

Tuesday: Knock down:

Stack six paper or plastic cups (three on the bottom, two in the middle and one on top.

Roll a ball to knock them down.

If you throw something, use bean bags (or rolled up socks) so the ball doesn’t go very far.

You can also stack them on a table and have the children knock them over with their arms or hands. Many students are not able to roll a ball but they enjoy knocking things over.

And speaking of knocking things over. You can make your own with empty cans and then decorate them. Here is a link for for information:


One advantage of using cans is that they are kind of loud. Many kids like the loud cause-and-effect. Of course, many parents don’t!

Wednesday: Marble Racing

For this, you will need at least two marbles and two pool noodles (the hollow ones). Set up a box on the kitchen floor to be the finish line.

Here is a video with instructions.

You can also do a marble run

Or even a marble maze!

On Thursday, try a Bean Bag Toss:

Bean bag throwing is fun and can incorporate many physical education as well as academic skills. Kids can aim for different colors, add points, and create their own games.

Here is a video that shows you some ways to make the game:

For kids who can’t throw, I have them push the bean bags off a table or their desk.

Friday is Crazy Hat Day!

Make your own wild and crazy hats. Be sure to share pics with your teacher.

Here is a link to give you some ideas.


Do you need a little more instruction: Here is a video that is easy to follow along…



Not only are you having fun when you’re doing these projects, you’re working on developing your childs’

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Sensory skills
  • Prescriptive development
  • Object control skills
  • Social development

Perhaps best of all, they are just fun to do.

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